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How TylerTech transformed its business with Pulseway

They have been able to improve their services, become more proactive, attract new customers and enhance their reputation in the market with the use of the Pulseway platform and Pulseway's MSP Toolkit.

We really value Pulseway, and we really value the people that work at Pulseway. You guys are amazing, and you guys are very helpful. I don’t think we’d be able to do this without you guys.

Tyler Lay

Senior IT consultant, Owner, TylerTech

Prevention and Maintenance
Patch Management
Powerful Features
User-Friendly Tool
Prevention and Maintenance

Prevention and Maintenance

Maintaining an IT infrastructure is a resource-intensive task. Being an IT service provider, TylerTech is tasked with maintaining the IT infrastructure of multiple clients. Pulseway allows Tyler Tech to be proactive by helping them identify potential issues before they happen. When issues do occur, Pulseway has the features to allow them to be resolved immediately. With a range of features available in Pulseway such as alerting, remote control, etc., TylerTech was able to figure out the issues in the end-user’s system and resolve them instantly.

 We are mainly using it for prevention and maintenance. Patch management, being able to remote into client's systems and alerting have all helped us be able to figure out what the problem is on the end user’s system and be able to resolve the issue immediately. ”  
Patch Management

Patch Management

TylerTech provides patch management support for various third-party applications. For a service provider managing multiple client accounts, patching support is a critical aspect as unpatched applications make the whole IT network vulnerable to cyberthreats. Pulseway’s powerful patching engine made it the ideal tool for TylerTech to keep their clients’ applications up to date. Most importantly, the automation capabilities of Pulseway made sure that TylerTech can deploy the patches instantly without any delay.

 Patch management and the automation aspect of things. These are the two most important features of Pulseway we couldn’t live without. ”  
Powerful Features

Powerful Features

Pulseway comes loaded with a range of powerful features, and this makes it an ideal tool for any modern-day MSP. Features such as Remote control, automation, full mobile access and integrated AV has helped TylerTech efficiently provide IT services to various clients.

 Being able to access client networks mainly through Smartphone with the Pulseway mobile app has helped us many times during emergencies at the client’s location. The automation is great. The antivirus management and the task maintenance have been amazing as well. You’re able to run PowerShell commands, scripts and so forth with Pulseway. This has been marvelous. ”  
User-Friendly Tool

User-Friendly Tool

Tech companies need tools that do not complicate things and are easy to use. After having tried other tools that are just too complicated, TylerTech started using Pulseway. Pulseway’s easy-to-use interface, along with its powerful features, made it a top choice for TylerTech. Pulseway requires no lengthy or complex onboarding, and the layout is extremely easy to understand. This is a highly desirable feature for a company like TylerTech.

 I remember when Pulseway was getting set up. It was super easy. It was a breeze getting to understand the layout of Pulseway. I didn’t have any trouble at all. And, our account manager at the time was very, very helpful. He would respond really quickly to any questions we had, however small. ”  

TylerTech is a technology company based in Orange County, Los Angeles, that specializes in providing managed IT services to small and medium-sized organizations. As a leading provider of technology solutions and services, the company leverages Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware technologies where high availability and exceptional end-user experience are required.

With the help of many talented IT engineers, TylerTech was able to optimize application delivery for various organizations and ensure that desired results are achieved.




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