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How Grissom Technology transformed its business with Pulseway

They have been able to improve their services, become more proactive, attract new customers and enhance their reputation in the market with the use of the Pulseway platform and Pulseway's MSP Toolkit.

I'm a businessman, so I do look at other RMM tools from time to time, but they've never reached the level of fluidity that Pulseway offers. It lets you do everything you need to do from your phone or iPad. Pulseway is just amazing.

David Grissom

Owner, Grissom Technology

Automated Patch Deployment
Remote IT Management
Fluidity of the Mobile-First Approach
Build Trust With Clients
Automated Patch Deployment

Automated Patch Deployment

Keeping every client endpoint up to date is a critical task for MSPs. But with only two techs, patch management was a resource-intensive task for Grissom Technology. Every month, they logged onto these computers to manually deploy the latest software updates and perform disc cleanups, among other things. Although it was very time-consuming, they persisted since it was an effective way of showing their worth to their clients.

After switching to Pulseway, patch management became a breeze for Grissom Technology. Instead of manually doing it once a month, they now create patching policies for each client and set up patch schedules to automate the whole process. This helps Grissom Technology keep client devices secure all through the month, without any manual intervention. At the end of it, the patch management report is shared with clients so that they are aware of the value Grissom Technology brings to the table.

 Pulseway's Patch Management has definitely helped save us time. Earlier, keeping endpoints throughout the month would have been cumbersome. But now, once patching is automated, you know you don't have to take care of it. ”  
Remote IT Management

Remote IT Management

Before COVID-related restrictions were put in place, Grissom's techs drove to their client locations to manage their IT or fix critical issues. This was a time-consuming activity since they would spend half their day traveling. However, with most companies suddenly working remotely and site visits becoming a health hazard, Grissom Technology was forced to change its ways.

However, it all panned out well for them. Pulseway's remote IT management capabilities helped Grissom manage the transition to remote management seamlessly. From getting instant alerts on endpoint issues to having the ability to view critical user information and fix issues on the go, Pulseway enabled them to quickly adjust and adapt. The team is now able to get more done throughout the day since they do not have to travel to client locations.

 We tell our clients that we are going to take care of them remotely. If we have to go on-site, we will, but everything will be done remotely first — works out better. ”  
Fluidity of the Mobile-First Approach

Fluidity of the Mobile-First Approach

Grissom Technology has only two technicians on their payroll, and yet they successfully manage 650 endpoints across 30+ clients. This is possible mainly because of their exemplary dedication and commitment as well as their adoption of Pulseway's mobile-first IT support software.

Pulseway enables Grissom's technicians to provide support from anywhere. They don't have to lug their laptops everywhere they go. They can access all critical features from a single, unified mobile application and locate endpoint issues and provide instant fixes on the go – allowing the team to be more hands-on and effective.

 I'm a businessman, so I do look at other RMM tools from time to time, but they've never reached the level of fluidity that Pulseway offers. It lets you do everything you need to do from your phone or iPad. Pulseway is just amazing! ”  
Build Trust With Clients

Build Trust With Clients

Building customer trust requires effort and commitment. When customers see that you provide a consistent service level and actively ensure there is no downtime, they are more likely to trust you. With Pulseway in your corner, this becomes a whole lot easier.

Pulseway's Automation Workflows are helping Grissom Technology be more proactive by enabling them to report problems or fix issues before they happen. This makes it much easier for customers to see the value Grissom adds to their business and instills a sense of confidence and trust, knowing that their IT environment is in good hands.

 I don't ever do any rebranding or anything. The systray icon is still Pulseway. I don't try to rebrand that or anything like that. It's just this is what I use to monitor your network; it's one of the best things out there and this is what I can do with it. ”  

Grissom Technology is a managed IT services provider based in Dallas, Texas. They manage the IT environment requirements of small and medium-sized businesses by offering monitoring, support and maintenance services for servers, desktops and networks.

Years of experience helping SMBs across sectors combined with strategic vendor partnerships have helped Grissom Technology become an MSP that manages and maintains network and systems infrastructure in a flexible, proactive and responsive way.

Grissom Technology has been using Pulseway since 2013. Having built his business with a mobile-first approach, David feels that Pulseway is a natural fit since it enables him to be quick and hands-on with his clients.

I do almost everything out in the field, off of my iPad or my phone.




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