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Billed annually at $16 per system
A comprehensive solution for
IT professionals

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Billed annually at $1,044 for 50 systems
An advanced platform for
IT teams and MSP's

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What is a monitored system?

Pulseway defines a monitored system as a computer, server or an API instance. One computer can monitor websites, virtual machines, cloud instances, network attached devices and it is still considered as a single monitored system.

What is the difference between the Professional plan and the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan offers a collaborative environment with multi-account management, multiple Remote Desktop sessions and additional features such as audit log, notification email customization and a notification archive.

How many concurrent Remote Desktop sessions can I have?

With the Professional plan you only get 1 concurrent Remote Desktop session. The Enterprise plan allows for multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions. You can upgrade the number of concurrent Remote Desktop sessions you have at any time.

Can I add more systems later?

You can increase the number of systems you monitor at any time. There are no minimum upgrade requirements for the Professional plan. For the Enterprise plan the minimum upgrade requirement is 25 systems. You will have an option to keep the current expiration date or extend the subscription by a year and the upgrade price will be prorated.

How many systems can I monitor?

With the Professional plan you can monitor between 1 and 200 systems. The minimum entry requirement for the Enterprise plan is 50 systems and you can monitor up to 3,000 systems.

What is multi-account management?

Multiple accounts are only available with the Enterprise plan. You can create multiple user accounts, from read-only accounts to full administrative. This lets you share the management of critical systems between your team members. Additionally, you can offer visibility to clients so that they can see that their systems are monitored. The Enterprise plan starts with 5 user accounts, however, you can upgrade that at any time to as many users as you require.

Can I upgrade from the Professional plan to Enterprise?

You can upgrade to a SaaS Enterprise plan or on premise Enterprise server at any time and the upgraded price will be prorated.

What are the billing options?

In order to offer the best possible price, both the Professional and the Enterprise plan are billed at an annual rate.

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