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How much will a server downtime cost you?

A price plan that scales with your business



A comprehensive solution for
IT professionals
Billed annually at $16 per system

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An advanced platform for
IT teams
Billed annually at $1,440 for 100 systems

Optional Add-Ons
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Enterprise PLUS

A premium package for
large IT departments
Billed annually at $24,960 for 2,000 systems

Optional Add-Ons
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Highly Recommended Trusted by over 300,000 IT users all over the world

It took very little time and we were up and running. Now we manage most of our everyday tasks from our smartphones. The best part is that Pulseway alerts us to any issues before users even notice any slow-downs. User satisfaction has gone up, our workload has gone down and the total price tag has been almost negligible.

Eugene Chan
Deputy Director Digital Services / University of Auckland Business School

Pulseway makes it so much easier to use a smartphone to tackle those small jobs en route, which could otherwise become urgent priorities as the clock ticks on during the day.

Austin Ellis
Director / Global PC Ltd.

Pulseway is a fantastic tool for anybody looking to not only monitor, but manage multiple computers. The mobile applications have untethered me from my desk, allowing me to manage mission-critical servers from anywhere with cellular coverage.

Christopher Piekarz
Database Architect / Center Partners

Questions and Answers

How many systems can I monitor?

With the 30-day Professional trial you can monitor and control up to 50 systems. The trial includes all the available server modules and features.
After the 30-day trial, you can monitor between 3 and 200 systems with the Professional plan by getting a subscription.

For mid-sized and large IT Departments that require a high level of flexibility and scalability we have designed Pulseway Enterprise Server that can be hosted inside your organization and will allow you to monitor up to 100,000 systems per server instance.

Can I upgrade my Professional subscription later?

You can upgrade the subscription at any time and add more systems.
You will have an option to keep the current expiration date or extend the subscription with an year and the upgrade price will be prorated.

Can I upgrade from the Professional subscription to Enterprise?

You can upgrade to the Enterprise Server at any time and the upgraded price will be prorated.

What is a monitored system?

A computer or an API instance is considered a monitored system.
One computer can monitor websites, virtual machines, cloud instances, network attached devices and it is still considered as a single monitored system.

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