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Enterprise Server

Enterprise IT Monitoring and Management Solution

Pulseway Enterprise Server is a flexible and highly scalable IT monitoring and management solution that is hosted on premises or in the cloud.
  • Designed for mid-sized and large IT Departments
  • Enhanced privacy as you're hosting the solution within your organization
  • Collaborative environment for the entire IT team
  • Highly scalable solution that can support up to 100,000 monitored systems per server instance
  • Easier to monitor any critical systems and applications regardless of their location using a single server licence
  • Reduces the overall cost of IT management

The Enterprise Server is used by large enterprises including DELL, Louis Vuitton, Northwestern University, Conde Nast and British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Monitor and control IT systems from any smartphone or tablet

Key Advantages


All the information exchanged between the server and the monitored systems is contained within your organization.

Shared Monitoring

By using multiple user accounts the IT team has the ability to share the monitoring and management of critical systems between the team members.

Highly Scalable

A single server instance can support up to 100,000 computers and applications while still providing a very fast response time for every request or command issued.


The communication between the server and all the monitored systems and mobile devices is encrypted and the only port that needs to be opened in the firewall is 443 (HTTPS).

Server Modules

IIS, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, Hyper-V, VMware, Windows Server Backup, Azure, Amazon, XenServer and SNMP server modules are included.


Data access and any commands issued from the monitoring devices can be logged providing you with a full audit log.

Simple Licencing Model

No matter where the monitored systems are located across the globe, one server licence will cover all of them.


Cloud, Server and Admin API's are available giving you even greater control and flexibility over the Enterprise Server and monitored systems.


Get up and running monitoring your systems in minutes using the agent group deployment and configuration policies.

Try Pulseway Enterprise. 98.56% customers stick with Pulseway.
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