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Remote management made easy

Remote management made easy.

Remotely monitor, manage and control your IT environment straight from your smartphone or tablet.

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Trusted by thousands of organizations around the world.

Remote monitor and manage IT systems with Pulseway

There has never been a more efficient way to manager your IT infrastructure.

Every function that Pulseway is capable of performing can be handled using a phone or tablet giving you complete control over your IT environment - anywhere, anytime.

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IT Management as it should be

Remote Desktop Control

Connect to any active remote desktop sessions or to the console session on the remote computer. Console session will allow you to take control of the computer as if you were sitting in front of it. On the other hand, if you connect to a Remote Desktop session you can assist users that are making use of the server resources through Remote Desktop.

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  • Connections are fully encrypted

Collaborate with the entire team

Create multiple accounts, from read-only to full administrative accounts. With multiple user accounts you can share the management of your systems between your team members. Additionally, you can offer read-only visibility to clients so that they can monitor your progress.

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Remote monitor and manage IT systems with Pulseway

Watch how it works

React to issues right away and fix problems on-the-go by sending commands from any mobile device. Run commands in terminal, manage running processes and restart services, apply critical updates, restart systems and much more. Watch this video to learn more.

Monitoring and management in real-time

Monitor and manage Windows, Linux and Mac systems as well as any application using the monitoring API. Get real time status, system resources, logged in users, network performance, Windows updates, IIS, SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, VMware, Hyper-V and SNMP enabled devices - just to name a few.


All the information exchanged between the server and the monitored systems is contained within your organization.

Highly Scalable

A single server instance can support up to 100,000 systems and applications while still providing a very fast response time for every request or command issued.

Server Modules

IIS, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, Hyper-V, VMware, Windows Server Backup, Azure, Amazon, XenServer and SNMP server modules are included.


Customize your Pulseway experience, Cloud, Server and Admin API's give you even greater control and flexibility.

Collaborative Environment

By using multiple user accounts the IT team has the ability to share the monitoring and management of critical systems between the team members.


The communication between the server and all the monitored systems and mobile devices is encrypted and the only port that needs to be opened in the firewall is 443 (HTTPS).


Data access and any commands issued from the monitoring devices can be logged providing you with a full audit log.


Get up and running monitoring your systems in minutes using the agent group deployment and configuration policies.

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