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May 18

Enhance your Pulseway experience with the introduction of RESTful API v2

  •  May 18, 2016

With the introduction of RESTful API v2 you can bring system and application monitoring and management to the next level. Display key runtime parameters, stats and use Web Hooks to interact with the monitored instances in real time. Send notifications when runtime parameters are out of bounds, errors occur or on any other events worth knowing about. Start managing embedded systems, websites, applications, backup scripts and more using any programming or scripting language there is.

The new RESTful API v2 allows you to retrieve the status and details of all the monitored systems. Also, you can create new notifications for any system, list and delete active notifications.

Mar 11

Pulseway introduces WSUS patch management

  •  March 11, 2016

With the introduction of Windows WSUS patch management, Pulseway users can now manage update approvals, check if the computers are up to date, remotely control the catalog synchronization and receive notifications when synchronizations modify the update catalog.

Jan 25

Pulseway introduces Slack Integration and WebApp updates

  •  January 25, 2016

Introducing an integration with Slack, which brings Pulseway notifications to the Slack channels. The integration will give you and your team a unified notification platform.

The new HTML Web Application update features support for the Active Directory and Hyper-V server modules. Additionally the update resolved some minor bugs and overall fixes to the look and feel of the application.

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