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MSP Guide: How to Move from a Break-Fix Model

Download the latest Pulseway Guide for Managed Service Providers wanting to transform their business and learn how to move from a break-fix model.

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How to Move from a Break-Fix Model

If you are an IT service provider still heavily reliant on your break-fix offerings, a move to managed services based on remote monitoring and management software can bring significant business benefits and improve the customer experience. By switching to the MSP model, you can have higher productivity, predictable income, customers’ trust and more.

As your business model will inevitably change with this new model, it could be a bit tricky to figure everything out on your own. To make this transition convenient, we have put together a guide that will help you:

  • Facilitate the transition to managed services seamlessly
  • Build the right MSP offer to attract new business
  • Determine the right pricing for the services you offer
  • Improve relationship with your customers and educate them on the new model

You’ll also get a glimpse of how PRWCS Corp., an IT solutions provider based in Puerto Rico, used Pulseway to transform its business and increased its client base.