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Real-time IT system management software

Pulseway offers complete visibility and control from every platform, so that you can provide instant, premium IT support to your customers no matter where you are.
Monitor and Manage your IT systems from any smartphone

Monitor Everything

Windows, Linux and Mac systems as well as any application using the monitoring API.
Get real time status, system resources, logged in users, network performance, Windows updates, IIS, SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory, VMware, Hyper-V and SNMP enabled devices - just to name a few.
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Be First To Know

Get immediate alerts on critical IT system issues that can lead to system failures. You can also define smart rules to fine tune alert conditions and run specific tasks when triggered. Free Trial Pricing

Be In Control

React to issues right away and fix problems on-the-go by sending commands from any mobile device. Run commands in terminal, manage running processes and restart services, apply critical updates, restart systems and many, many more. Case Studies


Pulseway is designed as a secure service from the ground up. All communications are encrypted and take place over HTTPS. Additionally message security protects the content sent to and from Pulseway. Furthermore you can enable two-step authentication, restrict and block devices with mobile device authorization, and for those who like to have audit trails and forensics available, every command sent to a monitored system is logged.  Read More

Active Directory

Get notified when a user locks out of their account so you can investigate and resolve security issues immediately. Enable, disable and reset an account password as well as manage user groups. You can do all this directly from any mobile device without the need of getting to a computer.  Watch Video  Read More
The surprisingly easy way to monitor and control everything IT from any mobile platform. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Remote Desktop

Pulseway's Remote Desktop enables you to connect to all monitored computers and control any remote or console session.  Watch Video  Read More
Pulseway Remote Desktop

Application Monitoring

Using the REST API or the Cloud API you can monitor and control all your applications. It's easy to integrate, all you need to do is write just a few lines of code for the application instances to appear in your list of monitored systems.  Watch Video

IT Automation

With Pulseway's advanced IT automation, you can execute custom tasks on specific groups of systems from any device, reduce on-site visits and ultimately save time. Fully automate maintenance tasks, backup jobs, security checks and much more.  Read More

Custom Reports and White Labeling

Produce custom, detailed and elegant reports to demonstrate the health and status of your or your customers IT environment in an easy to read format. Additionally you can now easily make the solution your own by adding your logo to the reports and to the platform itself.  Read More

Collaborative Environment

Create multiple accounts, from read-only to full administrative accounts. With multiple user accounts you can share the management of your systems between your team members. Additionally, you can offer read-only visibility to clients so that they can monitor your progress. Available With Pulseway Enterprise

Complete Visibility Under One Console

Pulseway's Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all your monitored systems from a central point. Monitor everything, live, as it happens. Additionally you can also remote access any system directly from the dashboard.

Windows WSUS Patch Management

Pulseway's Windows Server Update Services server module alerts you when updates become available so you can review and manage the update approval straight from the mobile device.  Watch Video  Read More


View mailbox statistics and MAPI connectivity. Manage mailbox protocols and GAL visibility. Check each role services health and manage active queues. All of these from your smartphone.  Watch Video  Read More
Get your entire team involved Share the management of systems between team members by having multiple user accounts.

System Center Operations Manager

Receive notifications for any alert or warning, check the real-time health status of all the monitored systems, execute tasks and track their output.
This server module offers a mobile dashboard for SCOM.
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Always be in control of your virtual machines. View running status, health state and heartbeat as well as starting, pausing and stopping virtual machines.  Watch Video  Read More

Internet Information Services

Improve your web sites availability with proactive alerting when a web site or application pool is down. You can also start, stop and restart web sites and recycle application pools.  Watch Video Pricing Free Trial


Manage all your virtual machines and hosts in your datacenters. View running status, health state and heartbeat as well as starting, pausing and stopping virtual machines and hosts.  Watch Video  Read More

SQL Server

Monitor databases, browse tables, run SQL queries, start jobs and view logs. You can also receive notifications on deadlocks, long execution queries or when any defined query result matches certain conditions.  Watch Video

Windows Server Backup

Monitor all the backups and receive instant notifications when a backup operation succeeds or fails.  Watch Video

Browse Notification History

Stay on top of your team's notifications, search all notifications and filter your queries by user, category, priority and date. Giving you a clear history of your entire IT environment. Available with the Enterprise Plan

ESET Remote Administrator

Pulseway lets you monitor your ESET Remote Administrator on any mobile device. You can monitor ESET clients, get notified when threats are detected, execute scans and updates.  Watch Video  Read More
Get your entire team involved Share the management of systems between team members by having multiple user accounts.


Manage all XenServer virtual machines and hosts.  Watch Video

StorageCraft ShadowProtect

Our integration with StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® lets you see insight to all of your backup jobs, browse backup history, run backup jobs and receive notifications when backups are successful or failed.  Watch Video  Read More

Customize Email Notifications

Change the default notification email template to your own liking. Include your own company logo, name, and even add your own custom links. Available with the Enterprise Plan  Learn More

Complete Command Traceability

Every command that was issued by you or any other user is logged into the main database. Review it any time and have total traceability when it comes to keeping on top of what's going on with your IT systems. Available with the Enterprise Plan

Configuration Made Easy

Use the group deployment and configuration policies to distribute and configure the monitoring software on all your systems. It's that simple.

Anywhere, Anytime

With mobile apps available for all mobile platforms you have your entire IT infrastructure in your hand at any time from anywhere. Feel free to leave your desk. Pricing Case Studies Free Trial

Slack Integration

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool empowering IT departments by unifying their communications over persistent chat rooms that are organized by topics. Pulseway can post to a Slack channel whenever a notification is triggered in addition to the already available notification providers (PUSH and email).  Read More
The surprisingly easy way to monitor and control everything IT from any mobile platform. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.
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