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“The Pulseway mobile app brings important problems to my attention, so I know exactly what needs to be done, eliminating technical surprises”

John Dubinsky

Founder, Maven Group

The Problem

Time is always a challenge for a solo techpreneur like John who manages more than 800 endpoints.

“Time is the enemy. Wasting it is like tossing money into a fire. There is no value to my business or clients if I have to spend a chunk of my time doing things that could be automated.”

John was looking for a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution to help him eliminate redundant tasks like adding and removing endpoints, monitoring systems, reporting and billing. John believes his clients become immediate beneficiaries if his job becomes easier.

Maven Group - The Problem

The Solution

Pulseway had caught John’s attention a decade back when it launched the first version of its mobile app. But it was during a demo that John was re-introduced to Pulseway. The Pulseway product specialist who did the demo was using the Pulseway dashboard while sharing his screen with John, and that’s when he said “Wait a minute! What’s that?”

Maven Group - The Solution

Uninterrupted business with Pulseway

Downtime is the enemy for John’s clients. Pulseway was an obvious choice as it helped him run the business smoothly while saving precious man-hours.

Maven Group - Uninterrupted business with Pulseway

Business continuity with a unified dashboard

Pulseway’s UI isn’t just user-friendly, it’s functional. John gets clarity on everything happening in his clients’ IT infrastructures. Basically, all the complexities of monitoring IT systems are fleshed out in a simple way at one location.

“I really like the user interface. It presents crystal clear information, what is happening and what needs to be done. This allows us to see, control, manage and respond to customer and system needs quickly.”

Pulseway RMM is neatly tied into Windows, allowing John to easily monitor any application that appears on the event log. This is accompanied by highly functional tools, making it a reliable dashboard for John’s business.

Maven Group - Business continuity with a unified dashboard

Prioritize workflow when everything is important

Every task can be important, but not all of them can be urgent. Tasks that must be dealt with immediately are urgent tasks; the ones that contribute to long-term goals are important tasks. The problem is that many organizations prioritize important tasks as urgent, which leads to a massive dip in business productivity.

With Pulseway, John does not have to worry about prioritizing his workflow. He could set priority levels on each task, enabling a quick response to “critical” notification pop ups. Essentially, it’s these notifications that pave the way for what needs to be done next.

Maven Group - Prioritize workflow when everything is important

Switch from reactive to proactive

Customer surprises bear a huge cost for a business that deals in managing IT systems. It’s almost as if being proactive is a must have rather than a nice-to-have. And it pays well to be proactive.

Pulseway RMM lets John monitor clients’ IT infrastructure and address issues on-the-go even before the client recognizes the problem. Not only is John able to avoid unplanned downtime, but he also gets to add a cherry on top with exceptional customer service.

“I was at the chiropractor and I received tickets from two different dental offices with access issues. The night before we had pushed out server updates, something must have happened in the firewall settings. All I had to do was disable the Windows firewall from my Pulseway mobile app for quick remediation, all while lying on the table. That is I.T. magic.”

Maven Group - Switch from reactive to proactive

Pulseway isn’t perfect….

Great businesses strive for continuous improvement, not perfection — this is how John sums up his experience with Pulseway. This comes from the fact that John had on-boarded after Pulseway 6.0 version upgrade and has witnessed the impact it has made on his productivity.

But that’s not the only reason John has stuck with Pulseway. Unlike other RMMs, Pulseway has made great efforts in being part of the community through infusing customer feedback with product development, offering value-added content, and much more.

“It really feels like Pulseway is an employee or team member. This is one of the primary reasons Pulseway is going to be a long-term partner for us.”

Maven Group - Pulseway isn’t perfect

The Result

Pulseway enables John to manage clients’ IT systems from a single pane of glass view — anytime, anywhere. A clear workflow improves service delivery since critical issues are addressed at the right time. Moreover, a proactive approach strengthens service delivery efficiency, adding more value to customer service. Simply put, John increased output and productivity at the same time.

Maven Group - The Result

Founded in 1995, Maven Group was the brainchild of John Dubinsky. For more than two decades, John has been helping clients achieve solid uptime rates by continuously fostering the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their I.T. infrastructure.


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