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“On a Sunday afternoon I was out walking in the park, and all of a sudden I got a notification that one of our big client’s exchange server was down. I simply opened the mobile app and I just restarted the service and the servers and avoided hundreds of calls on Monday morning saying that the server wasn’t working!”

Nick Hatton

Operations Director, 5rings Group

Company goal

5rings, since inception, has focused on providing their clients with an unparalleled customer service experience. They ensure that all incoming calls are answered within five rings by a friendly, professional and knowledgeable member of their team. They don’t tie customers into a long-term contract and let competitive rates and high service levels do the talking.

5rings - Company goal


One of 5rings’ main focuses is on customer service and they were looking for a solution that would allow them to further improve on their availability to the client. 5rings also wanted a solution that would allow them to monitor and maintain their client’s IT environment outside of traditional office hours so they could reduce downtime and ensure that their customers’ business is always operational.

5rings - Challenge

Monitoring at every level

5rings have integrated Pulseway with their ticketing system to allow them to have instant notifications on the health of their clients’ IT infrastructures so they can react quickly and efficiently to any potential issues. “You can keep a very keen eye on yor IT infrastructure and be very proactive about how you are supporting customer servers particularly ones that are low on disk space or need updates. You can just be on top of it all” (Nick Hatton, Operations Director)

5rings - Monitoring at every level

No more onsite visits

As any MSP would know onsite visits eat up a huge amount of time and resources and are ideally avoided where possible. When 5rings take on a new customer they install Pulseway on their servers to allow them to remotely monitor from their offices. “With a recent new client, all their accounts were being logged out frequently including their administrator-level accounts. Through Pulseway we were able to unlock all of these accounts and give access back and found out that the company was being hacked and their previous IT company was only managing this issue not resolving it. Even though we inherited problems we were able to, pretty swiftly, eradicate the issue and rectify the client’s issue in keeping with our company goals” (Nick Hatton, Operations Director)

“One of our customers had a breach which disabled the remote access software that we were using which meant we couldn’t get into the machines to stop what was happening. Luckily through Pulseway, we were able to restore remote access and stop the breach from affecting the client any longer.”

5rings have now changed the way they use Pulseway since initially deploying their agents. Not only do they use it automate simple IT tasks and monitor their IT environment but to also help in dealing with more critical issues that arise daily for MSPs.

5rings - No more onsite visits

The Result

Through Pulseway, 5rings can now deal with a wide variety of IT issues outside of office hours with our mobile app allowing them to reduce customer downtime. Pulseway frees them up from regular maintenance tasks so that they can focus on the more important projects. “Our customers are very happy that we are able to stay on top of things and Pulseway is a big part of that. Overall it’s a really good product; it gives us a lot of flexibility in what we want it to do. The support is really nice and simple to understand. It is like you guys are sort of developing it and putting the extra things in before it gets to the point where I think oh it would be great if they included that.” With Pulseway’s mobile-first approach 5rings are able to provide the improved support to their customers while not having to increase the large costs of increasing office hours for their employees.

5rings - The Result

5rings are an MSP providing telecom and IT services to SME businesses in the UK. They were formed in 2007 by Geoff Raynsford and his son, Peter Raynsford with Steve Maton joining the management team in 2011 and Nick Hatton joining as a Director in 2015 and together they run the business.


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