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Pay as you go plans for MSPs and System Administrators


$ 0

For Personal use
monitor 2 systems

Includes basic features

Monitored Endpoints
Upto 2
User Accounts
1 included
Remote Desktop


$ 1.57

workstation / month

$ 3.35

server / month

$ 1.67

workstation / month

$ 3.55

server / month

$ 1.85

workstation / month

$ 3.95

server / month

Designed for MSPs
and IT Departments

Includes all of these great features

Monitored Endpoints
From 25
User Accounts
Remote Desktop
3 Included

Make Pulseway more suitable to your needs with these extra add-ons.

Pulseway PSA

Available with the Team plan.

Pulseway’s business management software seamlessly integrates with Pulseway RMM to deliver the complete solution suite to manage your clients and your business more efficiently. It includes a customer facing portal free of charge for external users to view and manage their tickets.

$ 25

per month per user

Webroot Antivirus

Available with the Team plan.

Protect your workstations and servers from cyber threats with Webroot's machine learning technology. All centrally managed and deployed from the Pulseway platform. Additionally, you can purchase Security Awareness Training for your end users at $ 1.35 per month per endpoint.

$ 1.20

Endpoint Protection per month

$ 1.20

DNS protection per month

Kaspersky Antivirus

Available with Team plan.

Centrally deploy and manage Kaspersky. Protect your file system, web browsing, email/IM clients and blocks network attacks.

$ 1.00

per workstation per month

$ 2.00

per server per month


Available with the Team plan.

With Pulseway NOC Services you can shift your focus from mundane, repetitive tasks that eat into your day to increasing sales to grow your business. NOC Services reduces service delivery costs and enables you to deliver top quality services to your customers with your current staff.

Pulseway Backup

Available with all plans.

Ensure that no matter what type of disaster strikes, your clients’ business systems and data will still be available. Powered by world leading backup solution Unitrends.

Onboarding Services

Onboarding Services

Start your Pulseway journey the right way. Our dedicated team of experts will give you everything you need to hit the ground running and to ensure that Pulseway is a success for you.

Thousands of happy customers, including:


Frequently Asked Questions

You can monitor servers and workstations running Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. You can also monitor any application using the monitoring API. One Pulseway agent can monitor websites, virtual machines, cloud instances, network attached devices and it is still considered as a single monitored endpoint.
The Free plan doesn’t allow for Remote Desktop sessions. The Team plan allows for multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions. 3 concurrent sessions are included in the Team plan. You can upgrade the number of concurrent Remote Desktop sessions you have at any time.
The Team plan is designed for MSPs and IT departments and offers a collaborative environment with multi-account management, Remote Desktop Control and additional features such as Audit Log, White Labelling and much more. The Free plan allows for a maximum of 2 endpoints, with the Team plan you can grow up to 100,000 endpoints.
You can increase the number of endpoints you monitor at any time. There are no minimum upgrade requirements.
You can switch from any plan to any other plan at any time.
With the Free plan you are limited to one user account. With the Team plan you get Unlimited User Accounts for anyone you need to give access to the platform.
You can increase the number of Antivirus licence you have at any time. There are no minimum upgrade requirements for the Team plan.
Any agent deployed on a Windows Server Operating System is considered a server. Everything else is considered a workstation.
With the Free plan you can monitor 2 endpoints. The minimum entry requirement for the Team plan is 25 endpoints and you can monitor up to 100,000 endpoints.
Multiple accounts are only available with the Team plan. You can create multiple user accounts, from read-only accounts to full administrative. This lets you share the management of critical endpoints between your team members. Additionally, you can offer visibility to clients so that they can see that their endpoints are monitored.
You can upgrade your account at any time and the upgraded price will be prorated. You can also downgrade your account at the end of your term.
The Pulseway Team plan is billed monthly, with no contracts and no setup fees. A yearly plan and the multi-year plan is also available and offers a discount for the commitment.
A monthly plan is available with the Pulseway Team plan only.
A PSA User Account is a User on Pulseway’s Business Management software. You can create user accounts for yourself and your team so that you can run your business more efficiently. The business management solution includes functionality for ticketing, project management, accounting, CRM, time-tracking, invoicing, billing and help desk.
Pulseway Free lets you monitor 2 systems for free for an unlimited period of time.
Yes, you can purchase additional concurrent sessions on the Team plan. Each additional concurrent session costs $15/€14 per month.