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Mobilize your Monitoring and Management with Pulseway
23 Jan 2015

Mobilize your Monitoring and Management with Pulseway

There is a huge misconception that RMM solutions are solely for large enterprises. This simply isn't true. The right RMM solution, implemented in the right way, is a vital part of any IT department in a business. For small organizations, RMM can simplify management of their own or their clients IT, increase efficiency, improve uptime, and so much more.

Work from Anywhere
Being in your company's on-call rotation is no fun. You have to stay close to your computer at all times in fear that if you leave for a few minutes to run an errand or to have dinner, disaster will strike. Your momentary absence could cost your company a lot of money in the time that it takes you to make your way back to your computer. However, you carry a mobile device, or two, everywhere you go these days. ...