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Active Directory Management
24 Jan 2016

Active Directory Management

Pulseway's Active Directory (AD) Management Server Module allows system administrators direct access to quickly resolve the most common problems that users experience in a domain environment, such as password reset and account unlock. Having the capability to unlock users, reset passwords, enable/disable accounts, and add/remove group membership via a mobile device app is a significant time and effort saver. It also boosts user productivity and overall user satisfaction with IT services.

Top 5 Best Practices for System Administrators
20 Mar 2015

Top 5 Best Practices for System Administrators

Who better to use as a reference than the people who practice the fine art of system administration themselves? The SAGE-IE group actually published ten rules for System Administrators in this presentation, but we decided to take their top five and go into a bit of depth on each one for you....

Top Six Benefits of Managing IT from your Smartphone
24 Jan 2015

Top Six Benefits of Managing IT from your Smartphone

Pulseway's solution offers six significant benefits of managing IT from your smartphone:
Device flexibility -You can monitor and control systems from any mobile device.
Location independence - You don't have to stay within quick driving distance away from your systems.
Receive alerts and manage from a single device - A smartphone is the only technology required.
No need for extra software - Manage everything via one app.