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System Administrator Salary Guide

Apr 02

American System Administrator Salary Guide 2018

  • Monday 02 Apr 2018

Mean salaries for System Administrators from cities/towns across America

According to the Department of Labor, the job outlook for System Administrators in America is a positive one so we have created a System Administrator Salary Guide They feel there will roughly be an increase of 6% in employment in System Administrators between 2016 and 2026. In 2016 they estimated there were a total of 391,300 SysAdmin in America which means we would hope to see an increase of about 24,000 jobs in the next decade. Here is a snapshot of the job outlook:

The System Administrator can have a variety of different titles but at the core of the role they are tasked with maintaining, upgrading and managing networks, software, and hardware and it is no easy task regardless of what size company you are working in. While we do have Sysadmin Appreciation day every year on the 25th of July it might be interesting to see how your current salary stacks up against mean salaries for cities in your state/region. So we have compiled a useful list of mean salaries for System administrators from major cities across America using Payscale as our point of reference. We have looked at the salary ranges across 5 years of experience in the field to show you what you could be looking to earn in a few years time. Use our System Administrator Salary Guide to get an idea of the mean salary in your area:

The data gathered for the map and table below was taken from Indeed and is based off of users submitting salaries for their respective cities*

CHEYENNE: $61,605
CASPER: $57,361

System Administrator Salary Comparison Tool

Select State:
State City / Town Average Salary
Alabama BIRMINGHAM $62,804

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