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Pulseway Pay As You Go RMM Pricing

April 27

Pulseway’s New RMM Pricing – As Aggressive As It Gets

  •  Thursday 27 April 2017

All software pricing is important. However, for an RMM solution lower costs means MSPs can provide services more cheaply and at greater margins, while IT shops can maximize their return on investment (ROI) and IT efficiency.

Here are some highlights of the new Pulseway pricing program:

  1. Unlike a lot of other RMM vendors, Pulseway does not tie anyone into any contract with the MSP edition. It’s all pay as you go and cancel at any time.

  2. There are no minimum entry points, as the Professional Plan starts from just 1 end point.

  3. There are also no setup fees.

  4. There are no maintenance fees.

  5. Pulseway’s new pricing for the IT Pro edition doesn’t differentiate between servers and workstations: With the Team edition, workstations start from as little as (USD) $0.99.

  6. One Pulseway agent can monitor websites, virtual machines, cloud instances, network attached devices -- and it is still considered as a single monitored endpoint.

The Pro Edition

Aimed at IT pros starts at just (USD) $1.49 per month per end point. That end point could be a workstation or a server. It doesn’t matter. The price is the same. Under this program you can monitor and manage up to 50 end points, and it comes with one user account for admins. A free demo is also available, and the solution is billed annually.

The Team Edition

Is a step up from the Pro Edition, and is also aimed at IT rather than MSPs. Here workstations are differentiated from servers, with workstations starting at (USD) $0.99 and servers at (USD) $3.25 per month. Again, the starts from 50 endpoints, and offers 50 users accounts. One remote desktop instance is also standard, and the offering is billed annually.

MSP Edition

Designed specifically for MSPs, this is an extremely flexible plan. Workstation pricing is (USD) $1.25 per month, and servers are (USD) $3.75.The plan has an entry of 25 monitored endpoints, and offers unlimited user accounts, and 3 remote desktop instances. Bill is pay as you go, and invoiced on a monthly basis. MSPs can add additional remote desktops for (USD) $15 per month per instance, and Pulseway PSA for (USD) $25 a month for each user.

Why are Costs and Pricing So Important?

The managed services market is hotly competitive. If you set a prices too low, you cut into your margins and miss revenue opportunity. Still, you have to have the flexibility to be aggressive lest your competition steal your business.

The best way to gain pricing flexibility is to get a top shelf MSP solution such as your RMM for a rock bottom price.

At the same time, this solution has to support core areas of your business. In the case of an RMM, it means you can rely on your solution to handle all the workloads you need to throw at it efficiently. This way you are assured of delivering the services your clients have contracted for.

In the case of Pulseway, a big part of this workload efficiency comes from its mobile nature. Your technicians can be solving client problems no matter where they – which means they can also get to them fast. Now you are achieving significant labor savings while you save on the actual software itself.

In all cases, you should strive to enhance your services or add new ones while containing your costs. That will allow you to maintain pricing flexibility.

MSPs seeking high growth must have a plan to maximize their use of all resources, including the cost of software licenses, so they can boost and launch services cheaply, increase monthly recurring revenues (MRR), and increase growth and profitability.

The Beauty of a Cost-Effective Full-Time NOC

A cost effective RMM is a great place to start. But Pulseway has another secret. Not all MSPs have their own 24x7 NOC. It is simply not cost effective to staff up this way and maintain the 24x7 infrastructure. The best solution is a NOC service from the vendor that already provides your core MSP tool – the RMM. Fortunately, Pulseway recent announced just such a NOC service.

Here are some key benefits:

  • Pulseway NOC services will allow your staff to focus on high value services and strategic growth.

  • NOC Services you can shift your focus from the mundane, repetitive tasks that eat into your day to increasing sales to grow your business.

  • An extra addition to your team without the hire.

  • Delivering top level of service all around the clock 24X7.

  • Provide after-hours support so your staff doesn’t have to

  • Grow accounts without having to grow payroll

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